Episode 1: Bliss at Sweet and Saucy Shop

Episode 1: Bliss at Sweet and Saucy Shop

Due to unfortunate circumstances, we missed the media preview for the Sweet and Saucy Shop in Newport Coast. However, even that didn’t stop me from coming in for a visit. Located in the Crystal Cove Promenade, what caught my attention first was the cute decor. Owner, Melody Brandon, explained that the vintage wedding decor matched what her business specialized in – weddings.

Cute as a button in her pink outfit, Melody doted on us, served us samples of her finest treats, and then disappeared into the kitchen for a blissful delight that made my afternoon complete. I found heaven in her Cappuccino Cheesecake. This tiny impeccable cake starts off with an Oreo crust, a cappuccino chocolate cheesecake filling, and is covered with a chocolate ganache filling.  However, it’s only available in the Fall with an 18 order minimum. Boo! I found my favorite treat and of course, I can’t order it without getting minimum. I bet I could eat all 18.

To hear more about my adventures at Sweet and Saucy, check out my podcast below. Sweet and Saucy is the official debut of my new podcast series. Be on the lookout for more!


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