First Fondue Experience at The Melting Pot

First Fondue Experience at The Melting Pot

Yes, you read that right. First fondue experience. How is that possible? I just don’t know. How could I have ignored such cheesy melty goodness? I must be crazy. Thank the universe as I was recently invited to try out the “skinny drinks” along with the fabulous fondue at the downtown Brea location of The Melting Pot. Nestled in a tiny corner, The Melting Pot has a great location in the heart of downtown along with my other favorites – Merely Sweets and Bruxie. This location is also adjacent to three parking garages.

Upon entering, I was impressed with the dark moody romantic interior. I was missing my +1 something fierce but had to quickly shake that off as I was being ushered into the plush patio, complete with lush booths, and a view of the bustling downtown scene. We were greeted by assistant manager, Amber and our server Shannon took care of our needs. The evening started with a selection of two cheeses: a Boston beer lager and a spinach artichoke. Of the two, I enjoyed the spinach artichoke much to my surprise. The Boston beer lager had a tang and spice that just didn’t sit right with me. The cheese fondue experience comes with veggies, bread, and apples. I was surprised by the apples but they actually taste wonderful with the cheese.

After licking our pots clean of cheese, we were served a sampling of salads. I love a good salad and the Brea location was generous enough to let us sample a hefty portion off their menu. Out of the offerings, I was impressed with the house salad, the spinach mushroom bacon, and the bleu cheese wedge. The house salad was the winner though. It was topped with a light vinaigrette, eggs, and plenty of cheese. I knew I’d like it as soon as I saw it probably because I’m a big egg and cheese fan.

At the Melting Pot, you also get an opportunity to cook your meat. For this event, the staff prepared a selection for us that was soaked in a wine sauce. Out of this selection, I was once again impressed with the vegetarian selections – the green goddess tempura and mushroom pouch. These were served with an array of dipping sauces that I wish I could have bottled and taken home.

Our decadent evening ended with a chocolate fondue dessert. Of course! We were served with a selection of cookies and cream dream fondue and a  turtle fondue with pecans. Our chocolate fondue came with marshmallows, cheesecake, brownies, and pound cake. Throughout the evening, we had a chance to sample a variety of the cocktails on the menu. I was impressed by how much flavor the “skinny” cocktails had despite them being skinny. I’m usually not impressed with lighter cocktails. In their recent partnership with Voli Light Vodkas, a brand owned by Fergie and Pitbull, and Skinnygirl Vodka and Wines by Bethenny Frankel, the cocktails are light, refreshing, and whimsical. They are perfect for the Summer. My favorite “skinny” cocktail was the Mangolicious. It has a combination of Voli Lyte vodka, Monin mango syrup, sweet and sour, pineapple juice, and Moscato d’ Asti. Moscato has been my favorite dessert wine for a while so this was the perfect drink for me.

Overall, I could get to used to the fondue experience. All of my senses were ignited and I found love in everything I tasted. Much thanks to the Brea team for a wonderful first time fondue experience! View all photos from the event on my Facebook fan page.

Check out this video of our experience:

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