Episode 8: Blaze Pizza

Episode 8: Blaze Pizza

I think I’m love and I don’t say that lightly. This deep dish pizza loving gal has a new-found love thanks to the bashful Chef Brad, the founders of Wetzel’s Pretzels, and their brand new “Chipotle-esque” artisanal pizza concept.

I had a chance to preview their second location before it opened to the public. Located across from UCI, Blaze Pizza stands out in a bold orange and makes quite a statement. The industrial, hip, artsy vibe is the first thing you notice and then from there it’s all about the pizza. It was love at first bite. The crust was the first thing I noticed even though I wasn’t that excited that it was thin crust, and that it was the only option available, however it’s the only way “fast fired” can work. The pizza is prepared in a blazing hot oven and made with fresh ingredients in house. My “Suki Creation” was a combination of crumbled meatballs, mozzarella, perlini mozzarella, mushrooms, red peppers, and a drizzle of pesto sauce. I inhaled that pizza.

If you have wheat allergies, gluten-free crust is available upon request along with vegan cheeses, etc. Blaze Pizza is now open to the public. Check out my podcast (and video!) below to hear more about my thoughts on Blaze Pizza.


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